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Never underestimate the power of print in creating and supporting your brand.


Specialists in design

We understand that when it comes to selling luxury products or services you need to pay special attention to the details. Print can be a powerful tool that helps to share your story. In this digital era we live in, a tactile piece of marketing has a direct line of communication with the human brain – we have all grown up with books, magazines and newspapers. There is a level of trust in printed media that is difficult to replace with an on-screen pop-up.



50th Anniversary Brochure

Luxury product brochure design helped position John Lewis of Hungerford’s latest edition at a superior level than previous iterations of their brochures. We paid particular attention to the choice of stock papers and foiling for a highly tactile experience. Additional flat-lay photography was commissioned alongside the interior kitchen images to truly capture the level of creativity and quality on offer across their kitchen projects.

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Delivering a Difference

We interviewed three key trade customers who were happy to share stories of the difference that JJO makes to their business. This gives an open and honest perspective — a refreshingly different approach and a deliberate move away from usual corporate brochures.

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Innovative Luxury

We created sales literature using specially commissioned CGI imagery interspersed with carefully crafted copy.

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Bespoke Handmade kitchens

We created cohesive look in print that would help the buying process, reassuring new clients and delivering greater credibility, by showcasing super level photography and a pared back minimal approach to layout.

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Kassavello naming and iidentity

Literature | BLUM A-Z As part of the product launch BLUM had been asking people what words they thought best described the quintessential nature of Legrabox – their answers were collated and then used to help us create this tactile, pop-up alphabet. A double sided, concertina paper engineered solution was devised to quickly present all the letters for direct mail and point-of-sale purposes. View the full project ⟶

Kassavello naming and iidentity
Kassavello naming and iidentity
Cover & Spread

Literature | BLUM LEGRABOX

This ‘Guide to out of the box thinking’ is a pocket book that features people drawn from different consumer groups. Each describes a need that LEGRABOX fulfils. In turn, the four pillars of the product proposition; Aesthetics, Design, Ergonomics and Quality are featured throughout sections of the book.

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Kassavello naming and iidentity
Kassavello naming and iidentity
Cover & Spread

Literature | David Harber

Literature we created was divided into three project categories; Exteriors, Interiors and Big Spaces, creating a suite of brochures that are set to communicate the essence of the David Harber studio and the man. The fourth brochure was the Ethos brochure, given to every new prospect—giving them a chance to understand the story and inspiration that fires David Harber’s own imagination as the creative force in his workshop.

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Kassavello naming and iidentity

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