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David Harber

Brand Elevation

David Harber portrait photography | sculpture artist

David Harber ID | sculpture artist


David Harber, reknown sculpture artist, creates beautiful hand crafted sculpture, water features and sundials for gardens and interiors. Sophie Harber invited us in to help take the brand and literature in a new direction.

The two existing large brochures were both appealing but heavy. They no longer enabled David Harber to define himself by his new position, and equally didn’t fully cater to the diverse client base and potential markets.

Gold leaf painting David Harber | sculpture artist

David Harber tools


The new positioning aimed to elevate David Harber from a maker of sundials and garden ornament, to that of sculpture artist. The literature was divided into three target project categories; Exteriors, Interiors and Big Spaces, creating a suite of brochures to communicate the essence of the David Harber studio and the man. The fourth brochure (that every new prospect received) was the Ethos brochure—a chance to understand the story and inspiration that fires David Harber’s own imagination as the creative force in his workshop.

David Harber brochure author spread

David Harber brochure spread

Brochure spread from David Harber | sculpture artist

Spread from David Harber brochure | sculpture artist


  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Design


  • Corporate identity
  • Photography
  • Branded emails
  • Invitations
  • Sales brochures
  • Press advertising

Brochure spread David Harber

The team in brochure spread | sculpture artist


New photohgraphy was commission in and around the premises, focussing on the craftmanship, detail and process of the studio.

David Harber photography

We created cohesive look, both in print and proposals for their online presence that would help the buying process, educate and inspire new clients. We developed templates for web and email marketing that expressed the new brand and identity in the digital space.

David Harber website proposal

David Harber website proposals

David harber website

David Harber portrait photography | sculpture artist

David Harber craftsmanship

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