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Helping to craft a small set of words that express or articulate your company’s difference or essence in a tagline, or communicating what you do through a descriptor.


Taglines speak of ‘Why’, descriptors speak of ‘What’

Let’s be clear, we create both, to avoid any confusion here we unpack the differences: Descriptors talk about the ‘WHAT‘, whereas taglines can talk about the ‘HOW‘ and the ‘WHY‘. A tagline should be a small set of words that express, encapsulate, articulate your brand’s difference and essence. Without a tagline you don’t have a ‘hook’, and ‘brand hooks’ are useful for your customers to hold on to. However, some clients, due to their name and position require a more appropriate direct approach in the form of a simple descriptor.

Kassavello naming, tagline and identity
New name and tagline for Open Plan Living


Life Inspired

Our work to reposition this company from ‘Open Plan Living’ included their new name and tagline. A reference to living in their new tagline was an important reminder of where they had come from (an internal message). For the end-customer we were setting up in their minds the idea of a creative furniture studio being inspired by life in their creative bespoke outputs, their ability to create unique furniture designs would wholly be due to their understanding of their customer’s life that would help form the creative brief for new luxury pieces of furniture.

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Sonlevo brand identity
New name, tagline, and identity for the mattress brand


Innovative Luxury

The strapline we created for Sonlevo reflected their approach to technology and the boundaries they were pushing in the bed sector. The position in the marketplace they wished to enter, resulted in these two words “Innovative Luxury”, this is quite different from our perceptions of luxury as traditional and established.

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Access 4 Lofts


Creating Space • Creating Profit

This leading franchise business in the home improvements sector was looking to grow its franchisee-base, as such, it needed a convincing results-driven approach in the words we crafter for their tagline to attract more individuals to invest and sign-up as new franchisees.

Crestone Property Developer tagline
The new tagline, updated logotype, and website for high-end property developer


Excellence in developments

Everything that Crestone does, touches, makes, builds is done from their guiding principle of ‘excellence’. It was only right to celebrate this in their tagline

Claudia Dorsch tagline development


Hampstead inspired interiors

Camberyard Collective’s Claudia Dorsch guiding design ethos is to create a sophisticated sense of style and beauty to every project and room. Known for its fashionistas, academics, high-brow artists and architects, Hampstead is one of the most affluent areas of London. Home to Claudia and her clientele, her style and that of her clients is reflected in the locale, as such it’s important enough to bring this fact to life in her tagline

John Lewis of Hungerford mark


Inspire by you • Crafted by us

After a rigorous discovery phase, we were able to articulate John Lewis of Hungerford’s underlying purpose: Inspired by their customer’s tastes, their needs, and their personal desire to create a beautiful space that complements their home perfectly.


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JJO logistics success story
New literature and tagline


Delivering a difference for over 150 years

JJO were looking to engage with a wider audience of independent retailers and, in collaboration with Blum UK, asked Zeke to devise a unique solution. It made sense to communicate in a natural and authentic way so we decided to package real stories of success (examples of the strong partnerships between JJO and their existing customers) in a powerful piece of literature, that spoke of them and how they deliver on their promise.

Tagline for Origins Design


Makers of fine furniture and spaces

Origins Design is a family-owned, high-end bespoke furniture maker with cabinetry, upholstery, metalwork and finishing services all under one roof. While working on individual upholstery and cabinetry projects they needed to communicate that they were equally at home creating fitted furniture and large scale projects, therefore helping to transform entire rooms and properties too. Our new definition moved them away from a generic desriptor of: Furniture • London


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