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The Luxury Value of Taglines

Luxury Value of Taglines

Let’s first start with what a luxury brand tagline is not. A tagline is not a descriptor. Descriptors tend to be used when the company name gives no information of product or service offered, this is as a result of the company name taking the founder’s name.

Examples of furniture and interior brand descriptors


Plain English: The high-end benchmark that many aspiring kitchen companies covet, always innovative in product and marketing, consistent in their tone-of-voice, with a double entendre company name, that gives way to a very fitting descriptor “Cupboardmaker”. They use a very understated description, that fits well with what they stand for, that allows for plenty of room for interpretation around the house—not just cupboards for kitchens.


Martin Moore & Co: Founded in 1975 Martin Moore makes handmade kitchen designs. These kitchens are perfectly suited to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes.

Their descriptor of the brand: “Classic English Furniture”. Aa a resul of many identity iterations over the years, this has chnaged to a broader description“Classic English Design”


Speke Klein: Parnham college trained Canadian furniture manufacturers that have a ‘straightforward functionalism’ with ‘understated elegance’. They benefit from a descriptor of their brand: ‘Contemporary Solid Wood Furniture for your Home’. Celebrating 20 years in business during 2019, their retrospective now reflects a slightly different message: “The Art of Modern Furniture”


Simon Thomas Pirie: An accomplished furniture maker team in Dorset. They design contemporary and classic forms of elegance. They had a well balanced descriptor, equal to the length of their name: ‘Beautiful Contemporary Furniture‘ each word stacked on top of the other. Today this has eveolved into a broader offer: Kitchens Bespoke Furniture Interiors

Taglines speak of ‘Why’, not What

Descriptors talk about the ‘WHAT‘, whereas taglines can talk about the ‘HOW‘ and the ‘WHY‘. A tagline should be a small set of words that express, encapsulate, articulate a brand’s difference and essence. Without a tagline you don’t have a ‘hook’, and ‘brand hooks’ are useful for your customers to hold on to.

A tagline can be the short-hand for summing up the difference your interior or lifestyle brand promises. It satisfies a deeply held human desire to wrap things up, with a twist. The tagline remains the spotlight, highlighting your brand’s core belief.

A great tagline can be a luxury or premium brand’s greatest marketing asset as those below show what is possible.

Examples of luxury brand’s taglines


Smallbone of Devizes, who lead the field at the luxury-end of kitchen companies. Tagline: The style against which all others are measured”. Since their second unfortunate demise into administration, they no longer carry such a tagline.


Mark Wilkinson Furniture: Tagline of the brand, uniquely comes before the company name: Unmistakably Mark Wilkinson”


DeBeers: Part of the the LMVH family since 2001. Before which for over a century, set, anonymously, into the creations of master jewellers around the world. Tagline of the brand: “A diamond is forever”


Cartier: Founded in Paris, Cartier is very well known for its exquisite jewelry and wrist watches. Apart from having a long history of selling its watches to royalty and celebrities, the company’s collections include leather goods and accessories. Tagline: “The art of being unique”


Vi-Spring: British manufacturer of Natural Luxury Beds. They talk of there being ‘no bed like a Vi-Spring bed’, which is why they promise life-changing comfort with their handcrafted pocket spring mattresses and divans.The Latin route Vivre for life, shortened to Vi. Tagline:“Life-Changing”


Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury goods house best known for its leather goods, based in Vicenza, in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. All products are handcrafted in Italy. The famous motto states “When your own initials are enough”

Elevating an interior and design brand with taglines

Here at Zeke Creative we have expertise in branding for clients in the interiors and property sectors. Sometimes the brief to help polish a design brand’s position can be made in part by creating a company tagline.

Before and After


Our work with Stuart Scott Associates helped to elevate his brand. We kept his tagline: “The Finest Tailored Furniture, Handmade in England” however, we simplified it, using the second half in its simplest form in the brand lock-up “ENGLAND”, and keeping FINEST TAILORED FURNITURE across all collateral in the footer as the sign-off. This allowed us to provide a cleaner, sophisticated look to his new marque. See the portfolio example.

Before and After


Our work with Kassavello provided them with more than a tagline, they needed a new name too, to help their prospects and furniture buyers understand their roots are Portugese. See the portfolio example.

David Harber Identity


Our work with David Harber helped to elevate his brand and perception in the market place. To take them from maker of products to transforming spaces. Their original tagline: SUNDIALS, SCULPTURE, WATER FEATURES fitted the original model, of a company taking the founder’s name and using a set of desciptors of products. Our new brand lock-up foscussed on the spaces that reflected their segmented custoemr base, those Architects and Art Specifiers working in Big Spaces, Interior Designers working inside and Garden Designer working in his original playground. The new set of descriptors: EXTERIORS | INTERIORS | BIG SPACES. See the portfolio example.

Further examples of luxury brand’s taglines

GAGGENAUEXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE since 1683. Timeless design, cutting-edge technology, more than 300 years of experience.

DOCA INNOVATION, ELEGANCE, QUALITY “Kitchen Furniture DOCA, leading INNOVATION, QUALITY & ELEGANCE. Designing and manufacturing kitchen furniture and wardrobes of the highest quality.

BULTHAUP EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS HAPPEN ON ORDINARY DAYS. EVERY DAY CAN BE EXTRAORDINARY. WITH BULTHAUP since 1949. bulthaup offers holistic solutions for living spaces. Bulthaup kitchens and living spaces are places where people come together to connect, relax and feel at home.

BOFFI ITALIAN KNOW-HOW since 1934. High end Italian kitchens designed by Piero Lissoni.

POGGENPOHL IMPROVING THE KITCHEN SINCE 1892 Born in 1892 in the heart of Germany, Poggenpohl is the oldest kitchen brand in the world. Luxury bespoke kitchens made in Germany. Made to last a lifetime.

Examples of kitchen brand’s taglines:

DEVOLSIMPLE FURNITURE, BEAUTIFULLY MADE A Design led furniture manufacturer for almost 25 years, Now with showrooms in London.
ROUNDHOUSE DESIGNKITCHENS + DESIGN + LIVING Founded by architects, Roundhouse is a multi-award-winning British company.
THE ORIGINAL HANDPAINTED KITCHEN AND BEDROOM COMPANY This used to be their descriptor until we were tasked with developing their new more aspirational brand-leg tagline. New Tagline:  INSPIRED BY YOU • CRAFTED BY US

What makes a great tagline?


A great tagline has to be memorable. If it resonates with the Essence of the brand, as a result it will be more memorable. Other ways include: Alliteration (Jaguar: “Don’t dream it. Drive it.), Coined or Made-up words (Louis Vuitton: “Epileather), Puns, and Rhymes are good routes to creating a memorable tagline.

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Gerald_Van_Yerxa/244977


A great tagline should highlight a key emotional benefit, or promise that can be delivered.


A great tagline should highlight and set apart a characteristic of the brand that sets it apart from the competitors, that it can own and not be copied. If that can be distilled down to the Essence itself, even more powerful, however it can be hard to find that single word.

As Jim Rowbotham points out, “Creation of persuasive, pointed taglines is largely virgin territory within marketing communications.”. So to coin another well-used tagline we need to: Just do it.

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