Fisher & Paykel KBB stand
Bridging the gap between the physical and digital

Digital Twins


Bridging the gap between the physical and digital

Fisher & Paykel doll house view of KBB exhibition


Technology today at our disposal means we can now offer immersive exhibition, showroom and sales suite experiences for clients in the interiors, KBB and property sectors.


3D 360 virtual tours enable us to create are fully comprehensive, providing a visual representation of the physical space, enabling our clients to extend the life of the temporary trade stand, or extend the reach of a local showroom. Where once visitors needed to be physically present at the venue and experience first-hand the space, now they can experience it, at a time convenient to them, with these ‘digital twins’.

High res image from Parker Knoll exhibition

Digital Twins

Digital twin refers to a digital replica of actual physical assets. The ability to capture digital twins of real-world spaces is an extremely powerful tool. We have partnered with Matterport technology to offer this new digital facility for our clients to engage online with their customers, specifiers and buyers. The added beauty of these 3D 360º virtual tours as a sales aid, is their ability to embed a number of key items, which can be revealed by simply hovering over hot spots. We can add captions to explain bespoke aspects of products displayed on the show stand or built into the showroom, feature live url links to online brochures and even include pop-up videos that can play a product guide or showcase a piece of integrated technology, paint colours, or materials used in a product.

3D 360º Virtual Tours Animated GIF Fisher & Paykel exhibition

3D 360º Virtual tours Animated GIF for Parker Knoll Exhibition stand

Parker and Knoll 3D 360º Virtual Tour technology

Fisher & Paykel kitchen display at KBB 2020

Bridging the gap between physical and digital

In addition, all our 3D 360 virtual tours are available in a VR version, which gives potential buyers a realistic, immersive experience from anywhere in the country or around the world, when used in conjunction with a VR headset. With the ability to walk backwards, forwards, turn 360º and walk through in VR mode, 3D 360º virtual tours negate the need to ever visit the showroom or trade show stand – vital when timely buying decisions are required.
Bridging the gap between the physical and digital, it’s easy to see why digital twins capture the imagination. Here at Zeke we are on hand to help you plan your next physical-space capture. In the current climate, taking any product or showroom space to people digitally (and safely) has got to be a great idea!


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