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Outlooking Part 5 - Bands

Wayne McMaster

25 April 2017

In an effort to stay ahead of the game in the us to look at things with a different perspective; so what if our premium interior brand acted like a leading Rock brand in the music industry?


Lessons to take from band brand strategies

  1. Brand consistency over new changes and launches
  2. Give them what they want
  3. Keep evolving

Both brands and bands stake a living in spaces shaped by perception, opinion and consistently (or inconsistently) delivered palatability. Both strive for a broad audience and benefit greatly from word of mouth. Both are susceptible to poor reviews. Both are composed of human beings.

Brand consistency over new changes and launches

“We get fans to concerts with our big hits, then introduce them to new songs once we get them there.”

This is an interesting approach for premium interior brands to consider. Don’t replace a successful program or message with the new version too quickly. Brand messaging consistency matters, and once brands have customers’ attention and interest, they can begin a slow release of new “songs.”

Give them what they want

“Sometimes you just need to give them what they want to keep them excited to be your groupies and help sell the band.”

Think of your high-end interior brand advocates and regualr specifiers as groupies, and instead of taking them for granted, give them what they want: early views of new products, special services, and personalized feedback.  And don’t forget to simply thank them and tell them how much you love them.

Keep evolving

It’s pretty hard to be one of the most famous rock bands the in the world for more than five decades, like the Rolling Stones, if you’re not willing to evolve with the times. From early albums full of covers to writing some of the greatest hits in rock and roll history, the Stones have remained tuned in to what is relevant and have incorporated emerging musical trends into their own distinctive style. High-end interior bands and bands alike, if they are not willing to evolve and understand what it is that is interesting, appealing and important to their audience they won’t be able to keep them for long.

Band brand strageties

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