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Stephen Fenton

25 October 2012

Who would have thought that scrapbooks would make such a comeback but with nearly 1.5 million people a day visiting the latest social media phenomenon Pinterest, it seems the online magpies who collect and share their shiny finds are here to stay. The resurgence of the idea means that most brands are at least taking a close look at what it might do for them. At Zeke we now spend some of our week treading the (pin)boards and feel that the key question to address is how pinnable is LUXURY – will it really grab the attention of the most affluent?

We can see that the most successful participants are those that focus on lifestyle and not pure product plugging! In this regard the Pin-eye view of the world is perfect for old and new luxury alike. Those preoccupied with the aesthetic appeal of home and interior themes can revel in the glorious clusters of colour swatches, fabric details and tasty abodes. It seems that you should first establish a real ethos for you/your organisation and then set about creating pinboards that illustrate chosen character traits. The best examples have tangible feeling and style. The weakest are a thinly veiled sales pitch.

Looking good is what makes you standout, pinned and repinned. So to tick another box of any luxury proposition, people need to covet you and aspire to own all you have to offer. Great imagery is a must-have to become a serious pinterester and a broad enough bank of shots that are engaging – this doesn’t have to be just your product portfolio but can be props, eclectic collections of inspirational things that in totality build up the true essence of your brand. Matki the showering specialists have stunning imagery that quickly finds it’s way onto boards like ‘Bathroom Desire’.

Our third luxury credo would be get talked about. Most apparent to us is that a caption that captures the alluring and desirable nature of the photo will increase the sharability factor. Also as the search function is heavily used especially for recipes, home goods, decorating, style and event planning for those luxury brands who exist in these domains there will be great value in developing captions in support of critical keyword strategies. Molton Brown gets a huge number of mentions in 'Products I Love' boards, 'A Few of My Favourite Things' and can be described as everything from ‘yummy’ to ‘blissful’ with powerful endorsements like “I won’t buy anything else…”

Finally, like most things in the realm of affluence, we can see the need to have influential friends – so create and help advocates by ensuring that your existing web presence and other social channels have a plentiful supply of pinnable materials. Already lots of specialist retailers, designers and artisan makers have discovered that their most measurable returns come from product pins that haven’t been created by themselves. Smallbone of Devizes can be picked up via boards such as ‘Kitchen Heaven’ for instance.

Of course there are lots of other strategies that will also make a difference. Pin-to-win competitions and incentives are being trialled as the mechanic for new product launches across the globe but from what we can see don’t offer the right fit for high end luxury markets. Although there are conflicting views on how the big P is impacting business bottom lines, the general consensus is that it may be a better source of referral traffic for online retailers than any other social media site at present. We are watching this space to see how our ‘golden pins’ evolve.

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