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Outlooking Part 3 – Food

Wayne McMaster

8 May 2014

In an effort to stay ahead of the game in the high-end interior brands landscape, sometimes it pays to look beyond the borders of your own category for inspiration. This 'outlooking' forces us to look at things with a different perspective; so what if our premium interior brand acted like a leading Food brand?

  1. Focus on simplicity
  2. Be aware of category norms
  3. The Story behind the product
  4. Sub brand extension

Focus on simplicity

Del Monte recently updated the labels for their line of canned peaches. Throughout Del Monte’s entire history, the advertising team has focused on freshness. That’s about it. There are deviations and expansions, of course, throughout that near century of history, but the message has been cohesive, simple, and to the point. In this way, Del Monte has been able to keep the focus on the quality of their product without losing anything in translation. Any business can learn from this: one type of success comes from doing the basics very, very well.

Be aware of category norms

Red Bull has popularised the slender can to the extent that it has become iconic on the shelves and signifies ‘Energy Drink’. This most fundamental brand device, instantly and obviously communicates that even if you’ve never heard of the competitor, you’re shopping the Energy Drink category.

The Story behind the Product

Creating a storyline behind the products strengthens a brand and its position in the market.

Natalie Chung, of Pearlfisher, speaks about their redesign:

“We needed to combine various important elements of both Martin and the brand to balance heritage, tradition, expertise and eccentricity with honesty, modernity and vibrancy to take the brand forward… We have used a woodcut style illustration to reflect the authenticity, craft and heritage of the brand but included a quirky element to each illustration depicting an amusing or eccentric pictorial representation of the variant. For example, Lethal Lucifer no.666 shows a devil and The Meaty Italian Job no.14 an Italian waiter.”

Sub brand extension

A sub brand is a great way to clearly and safely segment different quality levels within a brand. Sold under a new sub-brand Lurpak 'Cook's Range' is adding value to cooking and baking by adding new blended butter products to its portfolio. Lurpak has previously positioned Lurpak as a premium butter for use in cooking through its 'Good Food Deserves Lurpak' campaign.

This new sub-brand is another attempt to play up its premium foodie credentials, taking on the commodity category dominated by many other vegetable based spreads, positioned as a companion to food lovers who are looking for a food adventure.


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