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5 ways High-end interior brands can be Brave

Wayne McMaster

30 November 2015

Here we share thoughts from one of our own Zeke values: Brave

1. Have the courage to pursure pupose over profit

The taditional view of business is that its primary function is to generate profit, and that the pursuit of purpose should be left to the non-profit/social sector.

We must look at our brand and ask, not simply what promise do we make, but what purpose do we serve to our customers—then bring this experience to life through every consumer touchpoint so we can become the company that is most likely to beat the competition.


2. Standing Out

Stand back and let's ask oursleve do we honestly stand apart from the competition. Are we brave enough to decide who and what we are? Have we found our individuality that makes us different?

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter
than you think.
Christopher Robin to Pooh

Stand out

3. Asking Why

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but the lack of curiosity can kill business.  Observing the world around us, with an open mind, is something many have unlearned, but it’s something that we’re all born with. Listen to a five year-old, hear them ask “Why?” constantly. Their lack of self-awareness enables them to absorb information and seek knowledge constantly. There’s something very liberating about continually being curious and acting like a sponge. Are we brave enough to behave with intelligent naivety, and constantly ask why?

4. Take a stand

We need to be clear about what we stand for as a brand. We cannot be all things to all people; that way lies mediocrity. So we need to be clear about what we promise and stick to it.

As we grow and seek to expand through launching new products or propositions; we need to make sure that they adhere to our core brand promise and values otherwise they will undermine what our brand stands for and create confusion in the minds of our customers and employees.

Malcolm X

5. Saying No

‘No’ is perhaps the most important and certainly the most powerful word in language. Having the courage to say ‘no’ keeps us specialized on our sweet spot, creating healthy boundaries and being real.

Focus is like a spotlight. It has concentration, intensity and brilliance.

Saying ‘no’ allows us to focus on building for the long-term as opposed to being reactionary and taking low hanging fruit just because it’s there.

Hig-end interior brands can be brave, but selectively. Bravery in brands should be about a single-minded attitude; clarity around what the brand is all about (not just around the product or its heritage); expressing a depth of brand personality.

In a nutshell,
a strong brand idea.


Illustrations by Charlotte Farmer

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