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The story is our road to both connection and finding meaning. At Zeke we believe that deeper relationships are forged with an audience when we share a real sense of what makes us tick, and openly tell them about the values that our organisation holds dear.


Damayanthi Ponnuthurai

Experienced writer and Zeke associate

Damayanthi (Dammy) lives in East London. She is the author of Midnight Feasts an Anthology of Late Night Munchies and founder of Larder.  More lately she has been writing essays and interviewing people for UK heritage brand Charnwood Stoves and their sister brand Vlaze.

Dammy began her career in writing after working at the bookshop Books for Cooks in Blenheim Crescent, London 16 years ago where she learnt about produce, flavour and experimentation. The test kitchen at Books for Cooks left a permanent memory in terms of the joy of sharing food, deep discussions on recipe books and the testing of recipes.

She draws her inspiration from the stories we share at the table and the uniting power of turning strangers into friends.



From wordsmith to natural story teller

Some may sceptically dismiss brands and business as simply being a fulfillment of our material desires, but each object we hold, look at or bring into our homes locks in a memory, feeling or sensibility with it. These objects are very much part of our story and the stories we share, with those close to us and with those we are yet to meet.

We are dogged by what AI might mean and how it will potentially impact the way we live. But what we can hold onto as one certainty is the story that is within us and in the brands we are loyal too.

Zeke have teamed up with Dammy to offer much more than regular copywriting and something quite special in the world of brand marketing. This service offers a unifying theme, a fresh direction, a body of content that you can publish across various channels but most importantly, creative essays that capture the soul of your brand.



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