Strong messages, spirited storytelling, emotionally connected


Creating powerful and emotive films, once watched and never forgotten. Visual storytelling is a persuasive medium.


Founding Footsteps

2022 is a special year for our company as we celebrate our golden anniversary. Immerse yourself in the wonderful history of John Lewis of Hungerford with this short film on how it all began in 1972.

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FatMax Product story

Commissioned by Stanley to promote their Stanley Fatmax products, enabling them to communicate in a richer way to their core audience. This video set the benchmark for a new style for product promotion. It still holds the primary position as the one of the most viewed video on the Stanley Tools Europe YouTube channel with over 126,000 views.


Standing the Test of Time

John Lewis of Hungerford commissioned us to capture the passion and discover why John Lewis started his business in our beautiful film “Standing the Test of Time”. Watch the enchanting story and hear from John Lewis, in his own words, on what makes them so different today.

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Compelling short films always starts with a powerful story and we’re here to help craft yours.

Videos and short films help influence, inspire and engage your audience whilst showcasing the emotion and personality that set your business apart from your competitors. Videography helps you rank higher in search, boosts online traffic to your site and increases engagement in social feeds. But most importantly, video is your audiences’ medium of choice – 72%* of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video — according to Hubspot.


How it works

We help to plan and pull the right professionals together to realize your project from start to finish.

  1. The Creative: We find out how we can communicate the value of your project so that your audience can understand it. How does it work? How does it feel? Why do they want it in their lives? Usually we create a treatment that explains the thinking behind our idea, a script that describes everything in detail and a plan for what resources we need to achieve the goal.
  2. Production: We work with talented and amazing people in our large network of filmmakers. We explore the best places to tell your story, we cast the people who represent your brand and reflect the world at large. And then we shoot with the same equipment that is used in Hollywood movies.
  3. Post-production: With every tool at our disposal, we meticulously design your work in its final form: from high-end visual effects to original music composition or licensing to colour corrections.

Get in touch

Find out how we create compelling video and short films for your interiors, furniture or property business. Give us a call, drop us an email or just pop by our studio.

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