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Extraordinary exhibition spaces are the ideal platform from which to launch new concepts, can create fresh impact for existing products and will leave a lasting impression.

Coyne Exhibition Stand | Zeke Creative


Every square meter of your exhibition stand needs to work hard to communicate your brand. However, this doesn’t mean cramming the space with copy-heavy graphics. There is a temptation when exhibiting to share the breadth of your product offer and the full variety of a range. But when we consider the ‘visual noise’ that such a strategy creates, we see how cluttered a stand can become. Less is more.


Providing a welcoming, open and bright environment is key to a successful exhibition. In addition, a stand that guides visitors on a buying journey is crucial to delivering a great visitor experience—and ultimately to sales. A hospitality area with comfortable seating and a selection of drinks on offer is always a draw. It provides an ideal place for informal business meetings and networking.

Trade Exhibition Show stand with Sonlevo by Zeke Creative
Sonlevo, Telford Bed Show
Sonlevo exhibition | Zeke Creative
Sonlevo, Telford Show


The same care and attention that goes into crafting the product should be lavished on the display— considering all angles, framing devices, symmetry, space, contrasting strong textures, the play and strength of light. Use of brand colour palette, interesting materials and innovative lighting can be just as effective. High-level branding and punchy graphics that identify you and your central theme. This will help to grab people’s attention from across a crowded exhibition hall.


It pays to consider how your show stand is viewed and consumed from the perspective of the social channels too, after all, the reach that some instagrammers have will surpass the physical footfall on your stand. Consider the composition of groups of product on your stand; think about how they can tell a story or communicate a theme. Consider the sight lines and if there is a ‘hero’ piece that deserves centre-stage. Stands that are photogenic, allow anyone with a camera in their phone to capture a gem for their instagram account.


Trade Exhibition Show stand with Sonlevo work by Zeke Creative
Sonlevo, Telford Show

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