Who is Zeke?

We share our name (short for Ezekiel) with an ancient visionary, who some scholars claim was a specially chosen man and messenger.

At the heart of modern day Zeke we believe there are two fundamental principles behind everything we do. ELEVATING a brand’s position and perception; or AMPLIFYING its voice and message—sometimes both together.

Coming together

In 2005 our paths first crossed while running our respective design agencies — studiohope and domain. We hit it off immediately and while we shared a common set of values and found the relationship fruitful on many creative projects, the time wasn't right to merge. Seven years later, we find ourselves with a new name, a fresh colour pallete, but the same intentions and desire to work together.

Through it all, the foundation of who we are, how we live with one another and how we make all our decisions remains the same—it’s based on our core values that never change: Zekers are drawn to SIMPLICITY; inspired by ELEGANCE; BRAVE enough to ask the challenging questions; and TRUE in all our dealings inside and outside the business.