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Zeke Ratings: Social Brand Strength

Wayne McMaster

September 2013

The fact that these luxury and high-end design-led companies are opening social media accounts is a clear indicator that branded content will become an increasingly valuable asset as companies look to build and manage their reputations, promote and drive sales through social media channels.

Our Ratings have been designed to objectively measure the social brand strength of the high-end design community. In September, we are focussing on exhibitors, specifically companies, not organisations, charities or publications at the prestigous International Decorex event.

Rating Methodology

A combination of metrics have been applied to gain the overall Social Brand score. The foundational set of metrics are based on social media influence score according to kred.com: ‘Your Kred story shows off your most influential content’. Every company or person on Twitter has a Kred score made up of two parts; the ‘Influence’ score and the ‘Outreach’ score.


The other metrics include:
1. Brand presence: The number of social media channels that a company is using.
2. Brand content: The relevance of social media content and its alignment with a company’s brand.
3. Twitter frequency: The frequency and consistency of a company’s Twitter output.
4. Responsive platform: The extent to which the company website is future-proofed with a Responsive site.

Research was undertaken in August/September 2013.

Top 25 Leaderboard

The full Social Brand Strength ranked listing can be requested from Zeke Creative.
To find out more about Kred’s Influence and Outreach scoring please go to Kred.com

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