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Colour trend forecasts

April 2015

We constantly scour the net for those colour trend leaders that are brave enough to stake their reputation on forecasting colour trends. Here we take up Aaron Mensik—at the Brentano studio to uncover their colour insights for the rest of 2015.

“As a colour leader, we want to make sure that we’re bringing our clients a well‐rounded palette, but also an innovative palette to draw from and to be inspired by,”

says Brentano Designer Aaron Mensik of the textile house’s colour forecasting process.

Colours have a lifespan, and it’s that evolution that makes the process interesting. The colours we forecast aren’t just the best sellers or the biggest attention getters; they’re driving changes we see in the market.”


flaxFLAX — Embracing the dark inclusions in natural linen, flax takes the versatile neutral into a deeper, more practical range. Although slightly warmer than the linen Brentano first forecast for 2012, flax shares the same beautiful, rich colour variation.


PorecelainPORCELAIN — A luminous neutral, neither warm nor cool, porcelain falls between perfect white and a pale gray. While bright (but not extremely so) and clean (but not pristine), the glowingly light, like‐white porcelain shade lends a liveable ease to interiors.


GoldGOLD — The ultimate in luxury and opulence, gold carries through from Brentano’s colour forecast from 2014 into 2015. An enticing reddish undertone and the fun of a metallic temper the colour’s rich history — making this mid‐tone gold a coveted accent.


CharcoalCHARCOAL — Reflecting an ongoing trend toward masculine colours, the deep gray of charcoal carries forward from Brentano’s 2014 colour forecast. The dramatic neutral pairs beautifully with other colours to add rich depth to traditional and contemporary spaces.


EmeraldEMERALD — As classic and useful as sapphire, yet unexpected, the intense, deep green of emerald surprises and inspires. The rich jewel tone evokes luxury and the lushness of nature in a saturated shade equally welcoming, vibrant and unique.


CitrineCITRINE — Stylish citrine, elegant as gemstones and fresh as citrus, evokes a sunny warmth both enlivening and grand. The slightly saturated yellow, lighter than saffron but deeper than buttercup, makes a beautiful counterpoint to grays like charcoal and porcelain.


Brentano’s sixth annual colour forecast singles out three base colours (charcoal, flax and porcelain) and three accent colours (citrine, emerald and gold) that will drive the design studio’s product development for 2015 and steer interior design for years to come.

Images courtesy ©Brentano Fabrics

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