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VM for High-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

28 April 2016

Visual Merchandising need not be the domain of the fashion and clothing industry for your high-end interior brand to capture attention, awaken the senses, help to sell, and to build your brand.

Your showroom has to be your most productive and most efficient salesperson, and how you go about optimizing your ‘sales' space for maximum revenue is to employ the art and science of visual merchandising.

Tips to consider

You might think that the more you show, the more you sell, but if you scale back your offerings by 20 percent, you will potentially see sales pick up because people can start to focus. - less is more!

Help customers visualize with vignettes. Vignettes are so important for many high-end showrooms, customers are time-poor. If you show them solutions to their problems, they are likely to buy everything in one place.

Tell a story with your displays. That story may be “It’s On Sale” – that’s fine. Your story may be, “We know design” or “we know color”. By telling your customers you know what they are looking at will gain their immediate confidence. Gaining a customers’ confidence is fundamentally merchandising.

Bigs stores introduce overhauls between each major sale - they tend to be seasonal - and their audience expects it - customers don’t want to walk into a museum, they want to connect, be inspired and buy in to the ‘look’ that has been specifically created. Good retailer’s sell ‘looks’ rather than commodities, and this can only happen with good accessories. While many would only consider accessories and stylists props on the photoshoot, the accessories themselves can play a major role in enhancing the look or ‘story’ you are trying to create with your furniture or kitchen within the showroom.


If want to find example of breathtaking window displays, take a look at the following for examples:

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