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The ultimate in luxury festive tableware

Stephen Fenton

1 January 2015

Forget flimsy paper hats, thimbles and cheesy jokes we take a glimpse into what should have graced the table of every discerning 'host with the most' this Christmas.

Spare no expense

Being hailed as world's most expensive Christmas cracker for the connoisseur (on sale from luxury website VeryFirstTo) was a box which cost a massive £4 million and contained the ultimate in extravagant gifts – ranging from Faber-Castell limited edition pens to £77,500 round-the-world trips.  Created by Simply Crackers these dinner accessories were tailored to suit the décor of the buyer.

Key to success

Obviously only the most  fortunate guests got to pull such crackers and discover surprises inside including: a white gold "Diamants Legers" Cartier necklace set with 20 diamonds, a Breguet Tradition 18-carat rose gold watch, an Aston Martin and a yacht.

One lucky person could walk away with the keys to a top of the range £190,000 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe and the most expensive item that guests might be left fighting over; the Predator 84 yacht from Sunseeker.


Personally I'll stick with my plastic ring and cheap chuckles from: What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?…

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