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Six good reasons for High-End Interior Brands to exhibit

Wayne McMaster

27 June 2014

No matter your company size, events, exhibitions, shows and trade fairs still provide an excellent opportunity to collect qualified leads, make sales, build relationships and much more. Integrated live event marketing can complement other sales and marketing promotion, but unlike most other marketing forms, at an event you get to meet the buyer face to face.

Events offer high-end interior brands true 'permission' marketing, unlike the 'interruptive' alternatives such as telephone, email and direct mail. Trade shows have retained a greater share of B2B marketing budgets than print and direct mail. So here are seven reasons that you can use to persuade your boss or board to invest in live event marketing.

Investment goes further

Exhibiting at an event is one of the most cost-effective ways for you to reach qualified audiences. According to a study by Exhibit Surveys, the average cost per visitor reached at a trade show is £120, while the average cost of a field sales call is £195.

A dramatic stand rising to the ceiling by The Rug Company:

Industry positioning

A show is a great place to announce to the world that you're a player. The more floor space you have, the bigger the player. But bigger isn't always best. Innovation and eye-catching design can play a very important part in the experience that visitors have of your stand. A show-stopper stand generates more column inches and buzz during the event and sets you apart as a player, no matter the size.

Alexandra D Foster's award for best stand at the entire show goes to the luxury tableware, decorative accessories and lighting brand, Harlequin, who created an entire two-storey London townhouse with exquisitely dressed dining tables

Competitive edge

Exhibitions offer another opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Outshining the competition with well trained stand staff, proactive pre- and at-show promotions, and conscientious follow-up after the show. Also, event attendees use the opportunity to 'comparison shop'. So this is your opening to point out where your product is superior - in performance, pricing, service, etc.

And So to Bed went all out with this bedouin tent complete with life-size camel, music and belly dancer

High quality purchase power

According to a study by Exhibit Surveys. Only 12 percent of the average exhibitor's stand traffic has been approached by a salesperson from that company in the past year leading up to the show; therefore 88 percent are potential NEW prospects. Exhibition events can deliver high-quality visitors, 49 percent of visitors to trade shows are planning to buy products from the event, where possible. 82 percent of trade show attendees have the power to recommend, specify, and/or make final purchasing decisions. 

Less effort

Research by Exhibit Surveys indicates that less than one call is needed to close a qualified trade show lead, compared to over three calls to close a typical business sale. Sales leads gathered at events require less effort to close.

Stuart Scott, who handmakes and individually signs and numbers each piece of his modern furniture, crafted in England

Speed meeting

More prospects can be reached in a three-day period than in three months by a sales team. Meeting prospects and engaging face to face is also the fastest way to build relationships.

Images kindly supplied courtesy Alexandra D. Foster ©2014: who curates a delightful blog 'Destinations Perfected' and creates beautiful Handmade Italian silk pillows at


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