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Print as an effective medium for high-end Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

7 May 2015

Today, print advertising is still a relevant tool for luxury brands since the visual experience is a large part of your marketing.

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Remaining relevant

Print advertising remains an effective medium for high-end interior brands because it’s something you can hold, touch and remember. Premium marketing is different in the way it approaches the consumer, both creatively and strategically, stimulating visuals elicit emotions in consumers to purchase certain products. You should aim to produce adverts that drive that emotional impulse and the need to have a certain product.

High production value is important, the idea has to be exciting and interesting to be truly original and effective. Getting an advertisement to stand-out physically is also a key point of differentiation that high-end interior brands should invest in.

"Although print is important to the 360-degree brand strategy, some are putting more weight on targeting affluent consumers in a more cost-efficient manner," says Milton Pedraza, CEO of The Luxury Institute, New York.

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High-end interior brands shouldn't abandon print advertising in favour of new digital media.

“They are not at the point where they are walking away from print since that glossy, rich feel of a magazine is hard to beat,” Mr. Pedraza said.
“They are looking for other ways to get their brand imagery and their brand story out [to consumers],” he said.

Print can drive traffic not only to brick-and-mortar showrooms, but also to digital storefronts where a brand can come alive even more with rich media.


Product is hero

The product should be the centerpiece of a high-end interior brand’s print advertising strategy so that it can remain distinguished from others in the traditional media landscape.

Print adverts can easily blend together since many high-end interior brands focus on the imagery, people or attitude that the ad is conveying, and not the product. The luxury brand ads that stand out are those that pull the focus back to their products.

“Luxury ads are infamous for not being able to tell what ad it is unless you read the name of the product,” said Milton Pedraza, CEO of The Luxury Institute, New York.

“In the absence of the product-is-hero approach, advertisers are just selling imagery,” he said. “That does not sell a lot since this could be any luxury brand.

“Some of the best performing luxury ads feature the product as the hero, not the people.”

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Best-practice tips

  1. Print advertising should inspire consumers to purchase a product
  2. Advertising campaigns that are cited most by consumers are those that feature products instead of people
  3. High-end interior brands have not yet abandoned print advertising for more cost-effective tactics because there is no other medium that matches the print experience
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