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Local approach for high-end multiples

Wayne McMaster

5 April 2016

For those companies who have found success through their first showroom and have gone on to expand to become a multiple may now find themselves operating a very different marketing plan from the time when they were a single location business.

The tendency when a company becomes a multiple is to centralise the marketing, and deliver a one size-fits-all, top down approach.


There are benefits to this, certainly buying power for one, the ability to command larger advertising space in the nationals, and shared cost of the marketing department’s resource.

However this may run counter to original approach of ‘being’ the local craftmen-led business: thinking you are a national business when in actual fact you are a collection of local businesses (showrooms) operating with some central resources.

Those first customers, in the main, are local to that showroom, word-of-mouth spread locally, referrals came in locally. In that bygone era, you are in the local phone book.

Now with the all pervading internet, time have changes but people still value local. Many search terms are recorded with locality in the search term: Kitchen design Chiswick, or Kitchens Bristol.


The power that has can easily be tapped into now Google has recently changed its Local Finder results. It now mean retailers, high-end furniture and interiors brands that aren’t featured in the local three-pack have a new way of getting to the top of the results if users click through to see more listings.

Google Local Finder

A voice

Staying online, its important to cater fully for those ‘local searches’ with content and space for the local showroom within the multiple; to give them each a voice.

Give all the showrooms within your multi-site business the chance to have effectively they own microsite within your corporate ‘national’ site.

Where creativity and flair are a paramount service offering within the high-end design sector, this will allow your local showrooms the space to show-off their creations, under the umbrella of the ‘parent’ website.

This will not only engender loyalty and pride within your employees across the business, it will give your searching prospects the chance to appreciate the output and capability from their locally found showroom, and understand the ‘tailored-approach’ that is so often difficult to convey with a fixed national advertising campaign.

Greater benefits come with cross-fertilisation of ideas between showrooms as each micro-site helps to promote the very best case studies and stylish creations from across the company, inspiring those with the team, helping in turn to benefit the customer who may be inspired by one of the other showrooms within this ‘family of showrooms’ thereby keeping that prospect from exploring other competitors - who prefer the centralised national approach to marketing

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