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Keywords can help improve high-end interior brand content

Wayne McMaster

23 July 2015

When developing content, many marketers think they know their target keyword phrases, but later learn they were wrong.

Users language not ours

For instance, content today often includes corporate marketing language, or kitschy, unique terms. But if the target audience members aren’t using those phrases in their search queries, the content won’t have a shot at engaging them.

Strength in numbers

For example, a marketing team might want to use the term “chimney pieces ” to describe and differentiate their fireplace products. However, the search insights might point them to a better option. As you can see in the table below from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, the search volume for the related keyword phrase “Surround” is 172 times greater than the term favored by the marketing team of Chimneypieces. When the difference in keywords is semantic and still highly relevant to your product or service, the data shows that you can connect with a larger audience by choosing the right keywords.

In this next screenshot we can see the actual words that ARE being searched for, this is useful to build upon and develop additional content for.

In summary find something that's actually searched for, and have clearly defined goals, so you can measure the succes of your efforts. Identify your best keyword phrases to target: Don’t skip this step as you may be surprised by what you find.

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