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How can high-end interior brands create high-impact adverts

Wayne McMaster

18 June 2015

In theory, print advertisements should be short and sweet. But that rule isn’t set in stone. Below are ten pointers to creating high-impact adverts

  1. Compelling Short Headlines
  2. Know your Readership
  3. Short Words
  4. Bold Colours
  5. Arresting Images
  6. High Contrast
  7. White Space
  8. Create Emotion
  9. Branding
  10. View For 5 Seconds


Compelling Short Headlines

Don’t just put your company’s name or your product name as a headline – consumers couldn’t care less. They really just want to know what you can do for them. No more than 7 words total. You only have 5 seconds – so keep headlines very short and interesting - There is no silver bullet to the perfect headline. It can be creative. Straightforward. A play on words. One word. A spec.

Know your Readership

Know the specific key and 2nd tier messaging of the ad, and then tailor the headline to best engage that readership to communicate that message. Some consumers, if they see ads with lots of text, assume the quality of the product or service offered is superior to an ad where the text is sparse. The moral of the story is, know your audience and their perceptions.

Short Words

Use short words for faster comprehension.

Bold Colours

Where appropriate be brave, if your corporate/product colour guidelines allow.

Arresting Images

Having an advert that is visually arresting is a first step to getting a message through.Strong images against simple backgrounds create high-impact visuals. Simple backgrounds are key.

High Contrast

At its most basic level as “things which look different from one another.” Strong contrast in hue and value are essential for creating high-impact adverts. Hue is the identity of colour while value measures a colour's lightness or darkness. If you want high visibility, then high contrast is the key.

White Space

Let the text and image breathe.

Create Emotion

A lot of print ads are just bland and talk about the product. There is not much for the consumer to entertain them. This of course depends on the product category. But creating an emotional reaction will imprint the brand better in the consumers mind.

Simplify Everything

Focus on one key idea or message.


Small discreet branding works well when you already have high brand awareness. Look at your awareness levels. If they are already high, you can focus on other drivers. If they are low, make sure your brand recognition after viewing the ad for 2sec is high.

View For 5 Seconds

View your creative for 5 seconds. Does your advertisement have high-impact in 5 seconds?

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