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Four facets for High-End Interior Brands email success

Wayne McMaster

26 August 2014

Direct marketing via email is an ideal communication method for high-end interior brands that rely on their websites for much of their business.

Good use of email is not blindly sending out offers to lots of people each week.

It's about the following four facets:

Attract - To increase the success of your email, you must aim to attract new people to join your mailing list. Develop features for your site and other relevant online environments to encourage people to interact with your brand in this way.

Segment - Understand the people whose email addresses you hold and segment them to offer increasingly relevant, personalized communication.

Entertain - Create surprising, interesting or informative content that adds value to your communications you send which keep people interested in receiving them.

Relate - If an email relates to your customers relationship with your business it's much more likely to get noticed. Find ways to communicate with customers in ways that relate to their activity. For example, emails triggered by actions on your site can be highly effective.

Despite the social media revolution, email marketing is still a vital tool in your online capabilities.

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