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Finding your luxury voice online

Wayne McMaster

29 March 2017

The trick with writing content for web or print is to be able to be received and understood as authentic and believable; approaching writing with a distinctive voice and style that is clearly your own, is key to getting owning your niche, or territory in the mind of the specifier or consumer.

Start with clarity

Start by writing in the simplest, clearest way possible. Trying to come out of the gate with a big personality can risk obscuring your message. No matter what else you do with your writing, don’t lose your basic message.

Layer in the personality

Can you relax the formal language so that a sentence sounds more conversational? Can you add a casual aside to the end of that sentence? (Read your work aloud. If it sounds unnatural, it is.) Play with small elements of your message to see where you can add interest. Eventually you’ll develop instincts to see those opportunities as you write your first draft.

Practice your typing

Engaging with a voice you admire as a writer instead of a reader will give you new perspective on how it’s done. Find an author, public speaker, or even another brand that writes in a way you admire. Type out their work to see how it feels, and notice how the language is used.

Our shared guide

The way to help you develop better content is by creating simple voice and tone tables. These are short, helpful tips which suggest how to write online, to be used by anyone who writes for your brand on the web. Importantly; they explain the rationale behind certain ways fo writing, thus educating you and your team about the nuances of content.

We have to remember that every brand has a unique voice, and that writing skills, and tone of voice are incredibly powerful as a means to help your audiences recognize you. This isn’t just reserved for big multi-national brands: but very much suited to high-end interior brands.

Our structure works over four stages:
1. Getting you Voice - A personality Trait
2. Write like this - A positive example of that style
3. Not like this - A counter example
4. The Rationale behind the tone and voice


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