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Service pages for High-end Design and Product companies

Wayne McMaster

29 May 2017

The purpose of the Service pages are to best explain how a service can direct a visitor to learn more about the application of that service in the form of a case study. Read more >

Site Migration issues for high-end product companies

Wayne McMaster

22 March 2017

Given the choice most marketing managers of high-end interior companies want the problem of content migration to disappear, or more precisely to be managed by the incoming agency Read more >

Moving image in Email for Luxury brands

Wayne McMaster

30 January 2017

Including video in email campaigns can help your high-end interior brand deepen connections with your most loyal customers, and build excitement with your prospects around product launches. Read more >

Is Social Video right for your high-end interior or lifestyle brand?

Wayne McMaster

17 January 2017

Social video is digital video that is designed to be seen and shared through social networks. Read more >

Consider the usability of your high-end design website

Wayne McMaster

29 December 2016

Usability is often overlooked when considering the design of high-end interior website. Its all too common to front-load the design efforts of the site purely with aesthetic (subjective) values. Read more >

The true purpose of your interior brand’s home page

Wayne McMaster

29 October 2016

We need to remember the purpose of your website is to turn researchers into buyers. Read more >

Not All backlinks for luxury brands are equal

Wayne McMaster

16 August 2016

Backlinks fall into one of two categories which are referred to as follow and nofollow. A follow backlinks are the ones to search out. Read more >

Link Building Basics for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

9 August 2016

A core part of any off-page SEO comes from backlinks. Backlinks are simply links from other sites that point to your site. The act of getting links from other websites is called link-building and is a core SEO effort. Read more >

3 tips on Instagram for Luxury brands

Wayne McMaster

22 June 2016

While the 'art' and curation of your companies Instagram channel can be very subjective, and tied into your brand guidelines regarding tone of voice and image, however its worth remembering some of the standard practise. Read more >

Content Marketing for luxury brands with Instagram

Wayne McMaster

8 June 2016

The number one trend in digital marketing is for content marketing Read more >

Timing can be everything for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

30 May 2016

Finding the right time to engage with your social media audience is key Read more >

Six UX tips to help SEO for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

25 February 2016

UX is the new way to optimize sites for search engines because Google said so. Google wants to serve its users relevant content that provides positive UX. Read more >

On-page SEO without the SEO expert

Wayne McMaster

22 January 2016

The design of your new high-end interior brand website should be influenced by more than taste. Read more >

See it as migration not a new high-end interiors website

Wayne McMaster

15 January 2016

Creating and designing a new website can be an exciting and time-consuming activity. Read more >

Keeping our new website under wraps

Wayne McMaster

8 January 2016

Remember to update your robots.txt file when your new high-end interior brand website goes online. Read more >

5 Wordpress Risks for high-end Interior brands

Wayne McMaster

12 November 2015

If your business is reliant on your website, particularly for income, you should think carefully about basing that on free open-source software. Read more >

Luxury & Craftsmanship Videos Pt VII

Wayne McMaster

25 September 2015

This is our seventh in the series as we look to highlight the high-end craftsmanship-led film-making Read more >

7 Digital marketing tips for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

18 September 2015

In a bid to help high-end interior brands, who are looking to explore the potential of online sales, we highlight seven key areas for consideration: Read more >

404 pages help high-end interiors brands improve SEO

Wayne McMaster

23 July 2015

See how considering 404 page design and language can improve user experience, customer loyalty and SEO. Read more >

Keywords can help improve high-end interior brand content

Wayne McMaster

23 July 2015

Discover words that visitors are actually searching for to drive your content marketing Read more >

Search can help improve high-end interior brand content

Wayne McMaster

23 July 2015

Harnessing Google Analytics to understand what your visitors and customers are searching for helps improve content Read more >

Landing pages or Microsites for high-end interior brands?

Wayne McMaster

23 July 2015

Understand the differences and benefits of landing pages and microsites for highend product brands Read more >

Should high-end interior brands have homepage carousels?

Wayne McMaster

11 June 2015

The problem with carousels (whether auto-scrolling or not) is that it's very easy for content to be missed by the user. Read more >

Strategy Sessions: How to do SEO, the simple version for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

4 June 2015

In keeping with one of our values—Simplicity we have a two-step SEO strategy we advise client on for on-page SEO basics Read more >

High-end Interior Brands can make YouTube work for them

Wayne McMaster

26 May 2015

High-end interior brands should not compromise their values or purpose to find an audience on YouTube. Read more >

Luxury & Craftsmanship Videos Pt VI

Wayne McMaster

24 May 2015

Filmwork helps to tell brand stories by capturing the essence of process and values such as craftsmanship–one of the values of luxury. Read more >

6 High-end Interior Brands website frequent refreshes

Wayne McMaster

24 April 2015

Discovering the change in fashions and designs of a select set of high-end Interior brands' websites over the years. Read more >

Should high-end interiors websites be redesigned or realigned?

Wayne McMaster

17 April 2015

Incremental changes to design vs radical redesign Read more >

5 best practises for high-end interior brands emailing purchased lists

Wayne McMaster

31 March 2015

Purchasing an email list is a smart, completely respectable thing to do, with the right strategy in place: it’s not casting a wider net — it’s about casting a deeper one. Read more >

How long does a high-end interiors website last?

Wayne McMaster

17 March 2015

We expect the typical website of a high-end interiors or lifestyle brand to last three to five years. Read more >

4 SEO practises that work today for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

26 February 2015

It's important to make sure you're keeping pace with the trends and changes, evolving along with the search engines and constantly reviewing. Read more >

4 SEO practises that used to work for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

20 February 2015

In the past there was a focus on just keywords and link farms, back in the beginning things seemed alot simpler for high-end interior brand search engine optimisation. Read more >

Squarespace and the high-end brand

Wayne McMaster

13 February 2015

As a communication agency who are agnostic to the communication channels we operate across, we decided to take a look at ths new kid on the block. Read more >

Luxury & Craftsmanship Video Pt V

Wayne McMaster

9 October 2014

Video and film offer a sublime channel through which to communicate the luxury values of craftsmanship, for high end interior brands. Read more >

Four facets for High-End Interior Brands email success

Wayne McMaster

26 August 2014

Direct marketing via email is an ideal communication method for high-end interior brands that rely on their websites for much of their business. Read more >

Content and the Buying Cycle for High-End Interior Brand purchasers

Wayne McMaster

7 August 2014

Understanding who is likely to be using your site and how, is critical to structuring the kind of content and responses you want to elicit from your web visitors. Read more >

How do you define your digital marketing strategy?

Wayne McMaster

1 June 2014

Common practice is to definine a marketing strategy based on specific goals, targets, a budget and timeframe. Read more >

Best Responsive Flat designed websites for High-End Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

24 April 2014

The flat design trend, which opposes all of these 'artificial' design techniques, in favour of a more simplified, classically digital aesthetic is shown in practise across ten high-end interior brands. Read more >

Facebook offers new features for High-End Interior Brand marketing

Wayne McMaster

31 March 2014

It’s important for high-end interior brands to consider the new Facebook tools to have a chance to build stronger relationships with customers and gain new prospects. Read more >

Luxury & Craftmanship Videos Pt IV

Wayne McMaster

26 February 2014

This is the fourth in our series as we look to highlight other creative lifestyle brands short films and videos Read more >

Luxury & Craftsmanship Videos Pt III

Wayne McMaster

13 September 2013

This is the third in our series as we look to highlight the premium homes and interior brands Read more >

Augmented Reality for Interiors

Wayne McMaster

5 September 2013

Augemented Reality can be a gamechanger for the furniture industry. Read more >

Luxury & Craftsmanship Videos Pt II

Wayne McMaster

14 June 2013

Video offers is a beautifully crafted instrument to develop the narrative and purpose for premium and luxury home interior brand stories. Read more >

LinkedIn blueprint for Interior businesses

Wayne McMaster

7 June 2013

LinkedIn provides the premium and luxury interiors brand companies the ability to connect and generate sales leads Read more >

Pinterest blueprint for Interior businesses

Wayne McMaster

26 April 2013

Pinterest’s has the potential to offer far more value than Facebook and Twitter because of its ability to aggregate and naturally curate content – Forbes Read more >

Luxury & Craftsmanship Videos

Wayne McMaster

7 March 2013

True luxury is not about excess, its about craftsmanship. This particular element is key to the successful storytelling of luxury interior brands. Read more >

Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design That Hurt Interior Design New Business

Wayne McMaster

21 February 2013

Usability is a critical success factor for websites. If yours isn’t easy to use it is a very poor reflection of your company and potential customers could leave it. Read more >

5 Reasons for Responsible Responsive web design

Wayne McMaster

1 February 2013

5 Reasons why we should adopt a Responsible approach to Responsive design Read more >

Responsive Web Design for Interiors Sector

Wayne McMaster

3 January 2013

“Is Responsive Web Design Desirable?”—It’s a question many premium home interior and lifestyle companies need to consider with this emerging trend for 2013… Read more >

7 Ways to Use Pinterest to Reach new Luxury Prospects

Wayne McMaster

14 December 2012

Given that 83% of human learning occurs visually, Pinterest has great potential for creating attention and interest potential customers of your luxury products. Read more >

8 Facets in understanding consumer behaviour online

Wayne McMaster

15 November 2012

According to a study from Google, 90% of people move between multiple screens to accomplish tasks. Read more >

Pinboard Wizards

Stephen Fenton

25 October 2012

Just scrapbooks online or a really valuable commercial tool? Is it time to join the ranks of the Power Pinners and what does it take to succeed in this world... Read more >

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