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Customer Satisfaction within Customer Experience

Wayne McMaster

29 June 2017

You are what you measure, learn from your metrics and approach customer experience from the top down Read more >

High-end Interior Marketing according to Theodore Levitt

Wayne McMaster

29 June 2017

A couple of lessons we can learn from Theodore Levitt on marketing high-end interior brands Read more >

Luxury kitchen brand taglines

Wayne McMaster

29 May 2017

Taglines should talk about the 'HOW' or more importantly the 'WHY', unlike descriptors which talk about the 'WHAT'. A tagline has the opportunity to be memorable and identify your high-end interiors brand's essence or difference. Read more >

Outlooking Part 5 - Bands

Wayne McMaster

25 April 2017

In an effort to stay ahead of the game in the us to look at things with a different perspective; so what if our premium interior brand acted like a leading Rock brand in the music industry? Read more >

Interior stores and brand temples

Wayne McMaster

12 April 2017

High-end interior brands need to pay special attention to the way we sell and innovate at the point of purchase. Read more >

Finding your luxury voice online

Wayne McMaster

29 March 2017

The trick with writing content for web or print is to be able to be received and understood as authentic and believable; approaching writing with a distinctive voice and style that is clearly your own Read more >

Daggers and Double Daggers : Punctuation

Wayne McMaster

8 March 2017

While we are at home conceiving 'big ideas' we always have one eye on the detail. An area we are keen interest on is typography and in particuIar punctuation, enter the dagger. Read more >

Finding delight in purpose

Wayne McMaster

28 February 2017

Peter Drucker came out and said, “the only valid purpose of a firm is to create a customer”. But where is your luxury interior company's sweet spot for defining your company purpose? Read more >

Top 10 ways to delight your high-end interior customers

Wayne McMaster

14 February 2017

Our top ten ways for creating delight with your high-end interior customers. Read more >

Understanding the path to purchase

Wayne McMaster

8 February 2017

The customer path to purchase is a fascinating journey. In the high-end home category, where prices command a premium and purchase cycles are inherently long, the path to purchase can be filled with equal parts anxiety and anticipation for consumers. Read more >

The Ampersand : Punctuation

Wayne McMaster

24 January 2017

The ampersand is an interesting symbol because its origins lie in a ligature. Read more >

Writing great high-end Interior Design case studies

Wayne McMaster

23 November 2016

Case studies make great promotional material for any business, but at their heart their purpose is to generate leads. Read more >

The art of a good show stand at Decorex

Wayne McMaster

27 September 2016

Photogenic high-end interior brand stands help to push your image further across social media channels. Read more >

Defining advertising and marketing budgets

Wayne McMaster

23 August 2016

As a rule of thumb, between 8 percent and 12 percent of revenues should be budgeted for brand and marketing activities. Read more >

Stories through Provenance for high-end design businesses

Wayne McMaster

28 July 2016

Provenance is something many high-end brands can and should leverage. A brand's provenance comes to life not only through the offering but the story that can surround it. Read more >

Making Values work in a high-end design business

Wayne McMaster

13 July 2016

Its important to get the values of your company right, here are 6 tips to consider Read more >

High-end interior brand recommendations

Wayne McMaster

16 May 2016

A good number of high-end interior brands neglect to add the important component of testimonials to their marketing mix. Read more >

9 Tips for increasing traffic to your high-end interiors blog

Wayne McMaster

2 May 2016

Useful observations we employ with our own blog writing, we felt it worth sharing Read more >

VM for High-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

28 April 2016

Visual Merchandising need not be the domain of the fashion and clothing industry for your high-end interior brand to capture attention, awaken the senses, help to sell, and to build your brand. Read more >

Creative agency vs in-house

Wayne McMaster

15 April 2016

Creativity does not reside solely with a brand and marketing agency like ourselves here at Zeke. Read more >

Local approach for high-end multiples

Wayne McMaster

5 April 2016

For those companies who have found success through their first showroom and have gone on to expand to become a multiple may now find themselves operating a very different marketing plan Read more >

7 Tips for Repurposing high-end interior brand content

Wayne McMaster

25 March 2016

There are many ways that you can make your content work harder and go further, with little extra effort, just efficient repurposing through other platforms. Read more >

6 Benefits of repurposing your high-end interior brand content

Wayne McMaster

18 March 2016

Content repurposing doesn’t focus on the creation of new text. It simply makes the blog posts that you already have written available to a bigger number of people. Read more >

5 Ways to Increase Content Engagement with High-end Interior Specifiers

Wayne McMaster

10 March 2016

Fashioning more content beyond the 'one blog a month’ can prove difficult, here are some tips to help. Read more >

5 Steps to Create Good Content for your High-end Interior Brand

Wayne McMaster

3 March 2016

Good content should answer questions, educate, inspire, solve and be easily shared. In other words: it must close gaps in your audience’s mind – and guide them to the next stage with you. Read more >

High-end interior product lines offering Good, Better, Best

Wayne McMaster

18 February 2016

Why giving options invites comparison and improves value perceptions Read more >

The High-end brand Lock-up

Wayne McMaster

11 February 2016

Well-designed identities often have different logo variations or lock-ups. A lockup is the final form of a logo with all of it's elements locked in their relative positions. Read more >

5 ways High-end interior brands can be Brave

Wayne McMaster

30 November 2015

Running a high-end interiors business takes courage. Here we share some thoughts about the concept of Bravery; one of our very own values. Read more >

High-end interiors should focus on ethos and story

Wayne McMaster

23 November 2015

Content strategy is not your brand story. It cannot replace the ethos and the defining point of view of your brand as an high-end interiors should discover. Read more >

5 actions for building a personal Brand

Wayne McMaster

29 October 2015

Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about yourself Read more >

10 points to prove the brochure isn't dead

Wayne McMaster

15 October 2015

Print is not dead, we revel in the joy of print Read more >

Goals for editing and proofreading

Wayne McMaster

8 October 2015

How to avoid the smallest errors  (misspelling a name, transposing digits in a telephone number) — and ultimately damage your brand with proofreading and editing Read more >

5 Questions to ask high-end customers & specifiers

Wayne McMaster

11 September 2015

What do customers really think of your high-end interior brand? Read more >

Marketing to specifiers

Wayne McMaster

4 September 2015

Up to 90% of marketing to specifiers goes straight into recycling, not even read… so how can we avoid that? Read more >

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Wayne McMaster

27 August 2015

Is the grass greener on the other side for high end interior brands? Read more >

Paid presentations not free pitches

Wayne McMaster

13 August 2015

We continue to be brave and principled and challenge bad practice, saying 'No' to free creative pitches. Read more >

How to sound as luxury as you look

Wayne McMaster

6 August 2015

It’s no good getting ‘all dressed up’ if you ruin it the moment you speak. For luxury brands, getting your tone of voice right cultivates an impression of exclusivity and mystique. Get it wrong and you can easily devalue your brand. Read more >

How can high-end interior brands create high-impact adverts

Wayne McMaster

18 June 2015

Ten pointers to creating high-impact advertisements Read more >

Print as an effective medium for high-end Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

7 May 2015

Today, print advertising is still a relevant tool for luxury brands since the visual experience is a large part of their marketing. Read more >

Design as Showcase or Process

Wayne McMaster

10 April 2015

“Show me your best stuff. Assure me that you can create something that will make the right first impression.” Read more >

The feel good taste of luxury

Stephen Fenton

31 March 2015

With the biggest 'choc fest' weekend on the calendar approaching we delve into the edible nature of luxury to see if there are any useful and topical insights we can glean. Read more >

The Luxury Value of Belief

Wayne McMaster

5 February 2015

High-end interior brands should be passion brands–investing in their beliefs, creating a very focused experience to the right customers. Read more >

High-end interior marketing trends for 2015

Wayne McMaster

15 January 2015

Looking forward to 2015 we highlight the marketing trends that will influence the high-end interiors sector. Read more >

Marketing for mutual benefit

Stephen Fenton

9 January 2015

How can clients reach wider audiences, enhance their influence among new prospects and increase that all important extra footfall? Sometimes the answer comes in the form of promotional collaborations. Read more >

Romantic Intentions – Book Review Part 1

Stephen Fenton

5 January 2015

In their book Brand Romance Yasushi Kusume and Neil Gridley draw close parallels between brands searching for affection and the path of true human love. Read more >

The ultimate in luxury festive tableware

Stephen Fenton

1 January 2015

Forget flimsy paper hats, thimbles and cheesy jokes. Read more >

Shop 'til the needles drop

Stephen Fenton

31 December 2014

With all the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday we review what has happened off and on the high street. Read more >

High-end B2B use Brand as Business Asset

Wayne McMaster

30 December 2014

In any high-end interiors company your brand is a vital business asset. Read more >

High-end Interior B2B Brand Strategy

Wayne McMaster

24 November 2014

Ensuring the brand is the DNA for all decision-making is what really drives market-changing businesses. Read more >

Outlooking Part 4 – Chocolate

Wayne McMaster

21 November 2014

What can high-end interior brands learn from chocolate brands marketing & communication tactics. Read more >

Emotive vs rational marketing messages in high-end interior B2B

Wayne McMaster

14 November 2014

You might assume that in the world of business-to-business marketing, emotion has little part to play. Read more >

Branding creates desire for High-end Interior Businesses

Wayne McMaster

7 November 2014

Without understating it, branding is a relatively simple concept, but often overlooked and widely misunderstood. Read more >

Interior photography for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

30 October 2014

A brand’s photography is key to its success, as it allows a company to differentiate itself from competitors, connect with its consumers and build brand equity. Read more >

Brand consistency for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

23 October 2014

We found that just 22% firms were extremely consistent visually across all their media channels with the Top 100 of our Social Brand Strength Report. Read more >

Tone of Voice PT1

Wayne McMaster

29 September 2014

There’s a simple philosophy in branding, that a good brand is just like a trustworthy person. The way it speaks is completely harmonious with the way it looks – you develop a holistic and entirely consistent personality that the target market will relate to, believe in and, most importantly, desire. Read more >

IP for High-End Interiors

Wayne McMaster

22 September 2014

Are you really aware of just how many aspects of your business can be protected or are you one of the many businesses that are too busy creating intellectual property to ensure it is sufficiently protected? Read more >

Print Marketing the IKEA way with bookbook

Wayne McMaster

4 September 2014

Ikea launch their 2015 Catalogue through Singapore in the manner usually reserved for much-anticipated tech devices, but true to one of their brand values – with fun at its heart. Read more >

13 of the Best High-End Interior & Design Trade Exhibitions

Wayne McMaster

24 July 2014

Plan now for the Autumn and next year's season of high-end Interior and contemporary exhibtions around the UK and Internationally. Read more >

9 Extraordinary exhibition stands from High-End Interior brands

Wayne McMaster

17 July 2014

Innovative exhibition platforms create impact, potentially drive impressive results and leave a lasting impression. Read more >

Pre-exhibition promotion for High-End Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

10 July 2014

Interior designers and high-end specifiers generally plan their trade show time in advance, so provide them with plenty to whet their appetite pre-show. Read more >

23 KPIs to help measure ROI for High-End Interior Brand exhibitors

Wayne McMaster

4 July 2014

Measuring the return on investment at an exhibition (ROI) should always necessary part of the selection process in evaluating which shows produce the greatest return for your High-end Interiors Brand. Read more >

Six good reasons for High-End Interior Brands to exhibit

Wayne McMaster

27 June 2014

Events offer high-end interior brands true 'permission' marketing, unlike the 'interruptive' alternatives. Read more >

Media channels change control for High-End Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

19 June 2014

The essence of your brand should always remain the same, but today’s choice of media channels will either allow you more or less control over your message. Read more >

Are your Luxury Brand employees engaged?

Wayne McMaster

12 June 2014

Core values show the essence of your company and are the foundation of your business's identity. But do your employees know your values, are they demonstrating them? Read more >

5 Tips for Integrated High-End Interior Campaigns

Wayne McMaster

6 June 2014

Understand the steps to take with a multi-agency integrated camping for high-end interior brands. Read more >

Memories of Experience influence consumer behaviour

Wayne McMaster

15 May 2014

The experience of luxury is not created by the features of a product - but by the emotions it evokes in the mind of the consumer. Read more >

Outlooking Part 3 – Food

Wayne McMaster

8 May 2014

What can high-end home interior brands learn from The Food Industry. Read more >

Building brand strength for High-End Interior Brands

Wayne McMaster

2 May 2014

Any obsession with image tends to attach greater importance to appearance than to inner reality. Read more >

5 Database disasters High-End Interiors Brands should avoid

Wayne McMaster

10 April 2014

Can good data deliver a better customer experience? Read more >

Know your channels: Keep them close to get closer to your High-End home consumers

Wayne McMaster

3 April 2014

Smart interior brands are working with and through their dealers and designers to get closer to their consumers
Read more >

How emotions evolve in the Premium Home Brand purchase process

Wayne McMaster

13 March 2014

Understanding how the consumer's emotions evolve during the purchase process can make a good brand a great brand. Read more >

Short Term Gains vs Brand Damage for High-End Home Brands

Wayne McMaster

6 March 2014

Can discounting damage high-end home brand's brand equity Read more >

No to Free Pitching

Wayne McMaster

27 February 2014

As members of the DBA we have signed up to practise of not entering into free creative pitches. Read more >

Content Guide for Luxury & Premium Home Brands

Wayne McMaster

20 February 2014

How can content help your brand achieve its objectives. What role can content play as part of your marketing mix? Read more >

The Luxury Value of Storytelling

Wayne McMaster

13 February 2014

The best way to talk about a premium interior brand's essence is by telling a story.
Read more >

Understanding the Endowment Effect

Wayne McMaster

6 February 2014

When we own something, we tend to value it more highly than an identical thing we don't own. Read more >

The Luxury Value in Simplicity

Wayne McMaster

30 January 2014

Less will definitely be more as Simplicity influences high-end interior brands.

  Read more >

Outlooking Part 2 – Top Car Brands

Wayne McMaster

12 December 2013

What can Premium home interior brands learn from leading Car brands'. Read more >

Sell your ideas or your story, but not your product

Wayne McMaster

5 December 2013

Ideas change everything Read more >

Outlooking Part 1 – Luxury Fashion

Wayne McMaster

30 August 2013

What can Premium home interior brands learn from the luxury Fashion brands marketing & communication tactics. Read more >

Valuing Desire: Motivating our Actions

Wayne McMaster

23 August 2013

The true source of our actions are lead not by our heads but through our hearts: its all about desires. Read more >

The Three Persuaders

Wayne McMaster

25 July 2013

Premium home interior brands can learn from Aristotle and deploy his three great persuaders in communication. Read more >

The Luxury Value of Taglines

Wayne McMaster

19 July 2013

Descriptors talk about the 'WHAT', whereas taglines talk about the 'HOW' or more importantly the 'WHY'. A tagline should be a small set of words that express, encapsulate, articulate or otherwise allude to a brand’s difference and essence. Read more >

Heavenly Virtues of Good Design

Wayne McMaster

27 June 2013

Heavenly virtues appear in good design, these are the polar opposites of the known Seven Deadly Sins. Read more >

Brand Storytelling through 12 archetypes

Wayne McMaster

31 May 2013

An archetype is a universally familiar character or situation that transcends time, place, culture, gender and age. It represents an eternal truth’ Read more >

Three Steps to Brand Storytelling

Wayne McMaster

17 May 2013

Brand storytelling is the art of connecting the hearts and minds of customers to shared values and ideals that define the purpose of WHY the brand exists and who benefits from its existence. Read more >

3 Traits of iconic home brands

Wayne McMaster

10 May 2013

What distinguishes iconic brands from the rest of the pack, and what can home-interest brands learn from them? Read more >

Communicating the Value of Luxury

Wayne McMaster

18 April 2013

With consumers cautious about spending on luxury items, what are marketers of premium and luxury home brands to do? Read more >

The Luxury Value of Collaboration

Wayne McMaster

24 March 2013

The best luxury brand co-creation enable two companies to produce something one could never have made without the other and thereby adding considerable value to both and the consumer. Read more >

The Luxury Value of Provenance

Wayne McMaster

14 March 2013

Authentic home interior brands can develop a provenance-based brand story in the premium and luxury home interest sectors. Read more >

Luxury Interior Brand name types

Wayne McMaster

28 February 2013

"Take care to get well born." George Bernard Shaw's advice can equally apply to naming and creation of brands too Read more >

Principles of luxury interior brand naming

Wayne McMaster

15 February 2013

Your name is the first and most visible representation of your premium or luxury brand positioning. Read more >

5 Reasons for Luxury Print Marketing

Wayne McMaster

8 February 2013

Investment in luxury print marketing should seriously considered by aspirational brands in the high-end home interest sector Read more >

The Desire for Change

Wayne McMaster

31 January 2013

“Should we rebrand?”—It’s a question many premium home interior and lifestyle companies may wrestle with as they review what the past year delivered for them… Read more >

A Reason for Being

Wayne McMaster

11 January 2013

Purpose is the deepest or highest expression of a brand, drawing on the ‘why’ to determine the reason for being in the world. Read more >

The Empire of desire

Wayne McMaster

21 December 2012

There's a good chance that one of your favourite luxury brands is held within one of these major Luxury Houses. Read more >

Wrapping up Luxury

Stephen Fenton

7 December 2012

As Christmas shoppers fight their way through the crowds we see that luxury can be a commodity to be bought as well as a treasured gift to be given. But what is in the mind of an Affluent Giver? Read more >

What's in a name

Wayne McMaster

18 October 2012

The right name distinguishes you from your comeptition, creates and emotional connection with your audience and helps build desire into the brand… Read more >

Dedicated followers

Stephen Fenton

6 October 2012

When it comes to creating desire it's crucial to know want styles we should be following. Zeke brushes up on a little colour theory so that our clients will be right on trend. Read more >

Understanding the Halo Effect

Wayne McMaster

21 September 2012

One consumer trait that we can leverage to our advantage, but be mindful of, is the understanding of the Halo Effect, first coined by Edward Thorndike in the 1920s. Read more >

Why Challenge?

Stephen Fenton

17 September 2012

Challenger brands have much to teach us about the importance of finding our voice and being brave. Read more >

The truth doesn't always hurt

Wayne McMaster

6 September 2012

It's one our four key values and where better to start than with continuing our practise of being open, authentic and real. Read more >

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