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9 Tips for increasing traffic to your high-end interiors blog

Wayne McMaster

2 May 2016

Below are some useful observations we employ with our own blog writing, we felt it worth sharing:

  1. A tried and trusted tactic to improve the traffic to your site to interview other prominent bloggers in your target audience’s industry. Your own credibility will improve by association
  2. Pages can be optimized to attract readers and potential clients, this is achieved by organising the content into categories, as you want to enable your readers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  3. Identify your audience in your post titles. This is especially helpful when you repurpose your content via Twitter and an important part of SEO for your blog. Here’s an example of one of my post titles
  4. A good tactic to increase traffic and provide a positioning of expertise is to interview other prominent bloggers in your target audience’s industry. Your own credibility will improve by association.
  5. Don’t be afraid to repurpose older blog content through your multiple social media channels using tools such as HootSuite Pro. Posts that we’ve written three years ago continue to generate significant traffic on our blog, these can be seen being promoted though LinkedIn, and tweeted each week and month.
  6. Optimize your blog’s content for search. Knowing the keywords that your target audience are using. Use these words consistently in your posts’ titles and copy.
  7. Knowledge is power. Get in the habit of checking your blogs’ analytics frequently. Your readers will guide your writing and let you know what type of articles they find to be most appealing.
  8. Write content that is evergreen. You want to get the best return on your time investment. Don’t waste time on dated content which is seasonal with a short shelf-life. Create content that will be relevant for many years.
  9. Repurpose content through an eNewsletter. we send out a newsletter once a month to growing list on invited prospects. The content is usually the latest articles written during the month. This creates a significant amount of traffic to our blog.

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