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4 SEO practises that used to work for high-end interior brands

Wayne McMaster

20 February 2015

In the past there was a focus on just keywords and link farms, back in the beginning things seemed alot simpler for high-end interior brand search engine optimisation.

The old SEO mindset

In the past, the goal was to focus on keywords and get rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) being on the first page of Google was the holy grail, back then reaching that position by any means necessary. Some thought how you got there wasn't quite as important as grabbing (and keeping) that spot on page one. How wrong they turned out to be…

1. Keywords

Piggybacking off of the SEO mentality of the past, marketers for high-end brands would focus on one major keyword. They would research to find a keyword where they wanted to rank, and then focus on that term and that term alone.

2. Content

Content was always supposed to be written for readers, but that doesn't mean that's actually what those early online marketers were doing. In the past the focus was on writing content that would rank well on a SERP  — using the right and appropriate amount of keywords. Pages usually stuffed full of that particular keyword.

3. Link building

Much like the content section discussed above, marketers knew that link building was supposed to follow white hat rules, but that advice was widely ignored. It was all about fitting in keyword rich links wherever possible and on as many websites as possible. The more variety, the better, so this often included placing links on directories and forums, how wrong thatnpractise turned out to be.

4. Social media

In the past social media wasn't leveraged for brands much because social signals were not a ranking factor for Google and other search engines. Because the SEO mindset was all about rankings in the past, social media didn't have much of a place for brands.


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