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3 tips on Instagram for Luxury brands

Wayne McMaster

22 June 2016

While the 'art' and curation of your companies Instagram channel can be very subjective, and tied into your brand guidelines regarding tone of voice and image, however its worth remembering some of the standard practise.


There is a tendancy to want to curate your instagram account like an art gallery - beautifully constructed shots, balancing those with negative space, against close details, while placing others with contrasting materials, into a grid-like beautiful client moodboard. But we must remember to embrace the real life -whatever that translates to in your service or product offer, this will help to keep it fresh and original. That doesn't mean poor-quality, rushed or dull photos, simply because it was 'there', but always considering the bigger picture that you offer, the lifestyle, the story or journey, the many hidden facets of craftsmanship or life enhancing angles that the end product brings with it.


People love behind-the-scenes, connecting with the people behind the brand. There may be opportunities to show the build up to a products launch, or stages in its creation, sharing the inspiration behind the designs and the brand. This is what building a brand is about, not just showing the product - we can get that on the main website, but showing the story all around it. Unlike the fashion brands we are not advocating celebrity endorsement the interior, design and lifestyle sectors, however there is a need to seek out influencers instead. Just like those in the blogosphere, there are those key players in your sector that can leverage greater brand exposure and reach. Its worth seeking out those influencers whose scale of followers could help to get your image shared.


Following in the footsteps of the other social channels, hashtags on Instagram. But be aware, high-end and luxury brands shouldn't use too many hashtags, all in moderation, too many can cheapen the image and look desperate. Its worth spending some time examining the trends that fit your brand. The use of particular hashtags with your own brand name offer up opportunities to your customers to provide their images of your brand, this managed user-genereated content can really help develop your account - when used and managed wisely.

Below we have shown two very established luxury brand Vertuu and Mont blanc, as well as two clients of ours and their approach to anaging their Instagram channel:




Mont Blanc



Stuart Scott

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